Cleveland Football Classic:
Sep-15-2012 ::: Cleveland, OH
The Greater Cleveland Sports Commission will kick off the second annual Cleveland Classic HBCU football game presented by McDonald’s on September 15, 2012 where Morehouse College will battle Winston-Salem State University at Cleveland Browns Stadium. The Cleveland Classic presented by McDonald’s is more than just a football game…it’s an entire weekend full of dynamic activities and events for all ages while celebrating premier historically black universities. We invite you to participate in all the weekend festivities including the Marching Band Half-time Show, College Readiness Fair, Step Show and a Tailgate Party.

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Winston-Salem State University - Winston Salem, North Carolina

Winston-Salem State University traces its roots back to September 28, 1892 when Simon Green Atkins founded Slater Industrial Academy. The school began in a one-room frame structure with 25 pupils and one teacher, but Dr. Atkins was determined to provide opportunities in higher education for African Americans.

From the beginning, the school insisted upon the vital importance of elementary school teachers and provided training that would lead to graduates who impacted the lives of many young African Americans through the days of segregated schools. In recognition of the school’s leadership in this area, the General Assembly of North Carolina granted the school a new charter in 1925, extending its curriculum above high school and changed its name to Winston-Salem Teachers College. By empowering the school to confer appropriate degrees, Winston-Salem Teachers College became the first African American institution of higher learning in the nation to grant degrees for teaching in the elementary grades.

For the past 120 years, Winston-Salem State has continued to provide an education that prepares students for their future and also meets the changing needs of the community, the state and the nation. Today, Winston-Salem State is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world. With a curriculum that focuses on the whole student and critical thinking, the university produces graduates who are creative, flexible problem-solvers who meet the requirements of a knowledge-based, global economy.

From educating future teachers to training students to work biomedical research, Winston-Salem State University focuses on only one thing and that is developing graduates known for leadership and service in their professions and communities. Through all of the changes over the past, the university’s motto has remained the same - “Enter to Learn, Depart to Serve.”

Morehouse College - Atlanta, Georgia
Although times change, Morehouse’s mission remains steadfast: to produce academically superior, morally conscious leaders for the conditions and issues of today, whether “today” is post-Civil War or turn of the new millennium.

Martin Luther King Jr. led the country through one of its most transforming civic movements; David Satcher resuscitated the issues of health care disparity and access; Maynard Jackson taught the world the value of diversity and equal access as the first African American mayor of Atlanta; Donn Clendenon scored in the history annals and was part of a miracle when he was named a World Series MVP; and Shelton “Spike” Lee continues to challenge how the world views blacks in life with critically acclaimed films. All helped change the world. All are Morehouse men.

Preparing Young Men to Change the World
With the right resources, politicking or posturing, anyone can be a leader. Right? Wrong. At Morehouse, we are redefining the meaning of leadership. It’s not about attaining the highest title or position, but about attaining skills such as compassion, civility, integrity and even listening. Morehouse is poised to become the epicenter of ethical leadership as we continue to develop leaders who are spiritually disciplined, intellectually astute and morally wise. And leadership first begins at home. Nearly three-fourths of our students volunteer within the community. This volunteerism connects them to their communities and helps them see that, as individuals and as a squadron of educated black men, they can make a difference.

Many Morehouse students also travel or study abroad, awakening them to the complexities of a global community. In today’s age, ethical leaders must have an appreciation of different perspectives and customs, and must also be prepared to negotiate the discordant views that are converging from the four corners of the globe. Morehouse is committed to training the leaders who will change their communities, the nation and the world.

The College of Choice for Black Men
There is a world of professions and universities to choose from, and today, black men have access to them all. But many of the best and brightest choose Morehouse.
Most people—even the students themselves—are awestruck by the sight of so many talented, studious and highly motivated young black men seeking knowledge and fulfillment. New Student Orientation, when hundreds of fresh-faced freshmen march into King Chapel for the first time, is just as moving as Commencement, when they emerge, queued in a line 500-members strong, as well-trained scholars and leaders. Nowhere else in America, or the world, does this happen. Morehouse has traditionally graduated more black men than other school, anywhere.

So, why do black men still choose Morehouse? No doubt, it is the excellent liberal arts education and an environment that is conducive to academic, social and spiritual growth. But there are many great schools out there, so there must be something more? We call that something the “Morehouse Mystique.” The phrase is not easily defined or understood, but it’s also not just a clever slogan. The Mystique is joining a brotherhood like none other. And after being ignored, stereotyped or marginalized, it’s about finally finding that “home” that, deep inside, you always knew existed, where you are the heart, soul and hope of the community. And where you are not alone.

This is what makes Morehouse unique. No other institution in the world can match the Morehouse experience. Other colleges and universities may call, but African American men continue to choose the ‘House.
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